Fiverr Mass Messaging Bot

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You type your keyword into the search bar and hit the search button. The software will then go and scrape the sellers gigs from Fiverr based on that keyword.
You can then mass message the customers of the sellers (people that gave feedback) offering your gig services.


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My Amazon Associates Earnings: How Can I Get the Payment?

After few studies I made about Amazon Associates, I decided to start running the campaigns. I was so overwhelmed by the response I got considering I just started marketing it October 1. I got already more than $300 earning from October 1 - 19.

But I have a question regarding how will I get the payment. I opted to get it through check since I am here in Philippines. How long will it take for the check to get here?

Any advice from the experts?

Shoot me an email:

Proud Bisaya Online Money Maker!

Today, I will start my quest to Earn Money Online!

I am a proud Bisaya. Parents are both Bisaya but was born and raised in Bacolod (ilonggo). Can speak Hiligaynon and Bisaya. Call Center Agent by night, Internet Marketer by day.


Bob Marley, Guitar, Photography, Chocolates, Good Movie, iPhone and iPod, PSP, Laptops, "Pungko2x", "Ginabot", Beach, Badminton, Basketball, Popcorn!


Night Shifts, My LandLady (lol), Durian

- Earn $10,000 per month
- Start my own business
- Finish studies
- Help the President imporve the country (lol)